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“O” Style
“O” Style rings can
be mounted on the
spine or back of the
binder with the rivets
showing through,
or concealed. Also,
round 3-ring metals
can be ordered with
or without an opening
and closing booster.
Angle “D” (AD) Style
Angle “D” rings are the
same as the straight “D”
ring, with the exception
of an angled post. This
style helps to keep the
contents flat and smooth
and, if tabs are used, they
tend to show up better
with Angle “D” rings.
“D” Style
“D” Style rings are
the same as the
Angle “D” ring,
with the exception
of a straight post.
“O”, “D”, or “AD”
Ring Mounting Options for All Binders
Available Ring Styles for All Binders
When measuring the ring for sheet capacity, measure the area shown by the arrow.
In “D” and Angle “D” styles, do not include any curved part of metal.
3-ring binder sheet capacities are listed on page 24.
“O” Style
“D” Style
Angle “D” (AD) Style
“O” Style only
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