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Standard Menu Styles
Gatefold Menus
The Gatefold 3-Page Menu features a full panel in the middle with
two half panels on the outside. The Gatefold 4-Page features two half
panels in the centre and two half panels on the outside.
Malibu Menu
The Malibu format is
extremely popular due to its
versatility, allowing a multi-
page menu cover with sheets
that are easily inserted and
removed. Open or Closed
Spine Styles are available.
Tent Cards
Four diagonal corners hold display cards
firmly in place. Ribbon attached to the
bottom of each side keeps tent open
and angled for easy viewing. Clear vinyl
overlay sheets, that fit over your inserts
and tuck into the same four diagonal
corners, are available if required.
Fits 5" x 7" sheet size
Other sizes upon request
8½" x 11"
8½" x 14"
4¼" x 11"
4¼" x 14"
See page 22 for Chicago Post and Sheet Protector information (Malibu Menu).
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