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When measuring the ring for sheet capacity, measure area shown by arrow.
In “D” and Angle “D” styles, do not include any curved part of metal.
3-ring binder sheet capacities are listed on page 24.
“O” Style
“D” Style
Angle “D” (AD) Style
The standard vinyl binder is usually what first comes to mind when one
thinks of binders. They are an excellent and economical way to organize,
protect, and carry important documents, or to promote your business.
We make our binders from a colourful range of high quality vinyls, rigid
cover board, and durable metal rings. Custom sizes and a variety of
finishing options make our vinyl binders adaptable to almost any need.
Enhance the look of your binder even more, consider:
Vision binders
, which have a clear pocket on the front and/or spine,
into which you can slide your printed cover sheet.
Encapsulated binders
, which are similar to Vision binders,
except the cover sheet is sealed under the clear pocket.
Envirocrease binders
, which are made from pre-printed sheets,
so you can have customized full colour graphics on your binders.
Available Ring Styles for All Binders
For more finishing and imprinting options, please refer to the appendix on page 23.
Finishing 0ptions
Imprinting Options for Binders
Foil stamp in gold or silver.
Screen print in Pantone spot colours or custom colour matches.
• 1 Half-pocket
• 2 Half-pockets
• Business card pocket
• CD pocket
• Spine label
• Sheet lifters
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