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Café Covers
With our line of affordable Café Covers, lower price doesn’t mean
an inferior product. We offer premium quality Café Covers that will
last for years. Our custom-crafted Café Covers are constructed for
exceptional durability using double-stitched, double-turned reinforced
vinyl, and brass or nickel plated corners. Our clear and frosted
transparency material is the finest quality available and is resistant
to yellowing and cracking. It is also laser-friendly and won’t lift your
print. We offer a selection of standard sizes and configurations, but
we can also create your menu in any size you want to accommodate
any number of pages that you need. We can print your menu insert
pages on your choice of paper. Let Rolex be your complete source for
professionally manufactured menus.
Imprinting Options
Insert any custom printed sheets.
Finishing Options
Black, blue, green and burgundy colours are available with a choice of
clear or frosted transparency.
Double Café Cover with Half Panel (6 page view)
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For more information on Café Covers, please refer to the appendix on page 29.
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