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Full Colour
Coroplast Signs
Coroplast Signs are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and are versatile,
durable and portable. They are resistant to water, easy to clean and
lightweight. Since they are made from plastic, they can be used
outdoors year-round. Sizes range from 6"x 6" all the way up to
4 feet x 8 feet long.
Large signs can be attached to a wall with screws or put on a chain link
fence with plastic cinch straps. Smaller signs can be displayed in the
ground by way of a wood post, or by using a wire stake.
Use Coroplast
Signs for:
• Garden Signs
• Political Campaigns
• Real Estate
• Special Promotions
• Advertising
• Parking Lots
• Warning or
Caution Signs
Anything from simple
black text with colour
accents to full colour
photo images.
See page 26 for file prep suggestions.
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