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A very popular variation on the vinyl binder is the encapsulated
presentation binder, which features a sealed seam on all 4 edges.
Printed inserts can be sealed into the front panel, spine or back panel
(or any combination thereof). The primary benefit of this type of
binder is that you can custom print the cover panels and spine to exact
specifications. Since they are entirely sealed within the clear pocket, at
the production stage, the covers and spine stay clean and crisp looking.
Vision binders are very similar to encapsulated, the key difference being
that clear pockets are sealed only on 3 sides of the front cover, the back
cover, and/or the spine of a vinyl binder. One edge remains unsealed so
that you can slide in full colour printed sheets, allowing you to use any
graphic of your choice to make a completely unique finished piece. You
can replace the insert sheets as required to reflect changing dates or
other variables. Because we manufacture our binders from scratch, we
can turn any of our vinyl binders, no matter what colour or size, into a
vision presentation binder.
Ask your sales
rep for details.
Finishing Options
For more finishing and imprinting options, please refer to the appendix on page 51.
• 1 Half-pocket
• 2 Half-pockets
• Business card pocket
• CD pocket
• Spine label
• Sheet lifters
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