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Report Covers
Report covers can help organize and prioritize your important
documents. They protect pages and help you work smarter and more
efficiently. They reinforce the professional image of your business.
, otherwise known as linear polyethylene is a modified polyolefin
material. In plain English, it is rigid plastic. Poly is an incredibly durable
material which comes in a variety of colours. It will wipe clean of
grease or oil and will not crack when exposed to extreme cold. It
comes in many gauges and can be silk screened, embossed or die cut.
is a single-ply, non-woven material made of pure rag fibres
mixed with latex. The formed stock is then acrylic coated, which
gives lexide its sturdy yet bendable finish, and also makes it washable
and moisture proof. It has an elegant, prestigious look and feel to it.
Lexide is available in a range of colours and weights and can be hot
stamped, silk screened, embossed, or die cut.
Card Stock or Paper
in unlimited colours and thicknesses is also
available for your report covers.
Use Report Covers for:
• Accountants
• Insurance Agencies
• Law Offices
• Professional (high quality appearance)
• Forestry Industry
• Auto Repair Shops
For more finishing and imprinting options, please refer to the appendix on page 51.
reinforce the
image of your
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