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Index Tabs
Index tabs organize and enable quick access to the various sections
of your material. Our tabs can be printed with standard consecutive
numbering or lettering, or with any custom text that you need. Tailor
your tabs to match your material by printing them in full colour, on
your choice of card stock. Mylar is an excellent option for both added
protection and for a variety of vibrant colours. Choose the same colour
for all of your tabs, or mix it up to match your design requirements.
Finishing Options
Have your tabs custom screen printed on poly. A rigid vinyl, available
in 0.023g thickness and various colours, poly is extremely durable and
looks fantastic. Whether you choose card stock or poly, your index
tabs can be finished to meet your business needs.
• Reinforced edges prevent curling and tearing
• Drilled (hole-punched) to fit any binder
• Collated into sets for future insertion
• Inserted and bound into your printed materials
Imprinting Options
Digital or offset printing in full colour or spot colour. Screen print in
Pantone spot colour or custom colour matching is available for vinyl
tabs. Please note that full colour tabs are not always suitable for mylar.
For greater durability
we can reinforce the
spine. This is done
on back of the tab
sheet where it is less
Protective mylar
is available in
many colours
(see appendix
for full list).
For details on tab terminology, please refer to page 59.
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