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• Manufactured from recycled materials
• Full colour wrap-around graphics
• Durable one-piece construction
• Wide range of sizes available
• Custom coloured rings
If you want a high quality binder that will truly make a lasting impression,
then look no further than the Rolex Envirocrease
. Made entirely from
recycled board and paper with a recyclable ring and biodegradable
laminate, this stylish and durable binder is not only earth-friendly, but
customizable to satisfy any need. The Envirocrease’s innovative multi-crease
spine technology allows for a variety of styles and sizes, and with full colour
graphics available inside and out, the design options for the Envirocrease
are limited only by your imagination. It’s simply a superior binder.
Binder Styles
flat spine
round spine
multi-crease round
spine with flap
flat spine
Imprinting Options for Envirocrease
Full colour printed graphics. See page 54 for file prep suggestions.
Finishing Options
For more finishing and imprinting options, please refer to the appendix on page 51.
• 1 Half-pocket
• 2 Half-pockets
• Business card pockets
• CD pockets
• Sheet lifters
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